Real Estate Investing's 6 CORE Skills

There are six skills, no matter what investing strategy you decided upon, that are critical to any real estate investors' success. Starting here will give you the opportunity to begin the practice on your way to mastery. This series is taught by, both, local and national real estate investors hand chosen based on their individual experience and expertise.
  • Money Marketing Machine

    Marketing insight to create more efficient lead funnels for better deals

  • Comping and Estimating

    Run Comps and quickly estimate your fix-up costs and after repair value

  • Negotiations

    Negotiate the deal to help a potential seller and you arrive on a fair value

  • Raising Private Money

    Raise Money or develop a pool of lenders to help fund your deals

  • Creative Real Estate

    Utilize Creative Financing to get the competitive advantage you need

  • Making Offers

    Discover what is truly important to the seller and make the deal happen

All 6 ICORE Skills in One Great Bundle

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These are the 6 skills that every investor is going to need no matter what investing strategy or asset class you choose as the vehicle to help you reach your primary objective.

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