Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Eve Hoelzel with Farmers Insurance discusses your properties, your business, and you.

  • 02

    Personal Policies

    • Automobiles, Personal Residences, and Umbrella Policies

  • 03

    Life Insurance

    • The Investment in Life Insurance and the role it plays in your or your heirs lives

  • 04

    Flood Insurance

    • Understanding how a regular policy and flood policy vary in coverage.

  • 05

    Business Insurance

    • Understanding business liabilities including property management and commercial auto.

  • 06

    Common Insurance Mistakes

    • Are you underinsuring your properties, and what is your deductible budget?

  • 07

    Landlord Policy Types

    • Single Family, Duplex, Four Plex, Condos, Commercial, and Multi Family

  • 08

    Vacant Properties

    • Building Coverage, Liabilities, and Vandalism

  • 09

    Builders Risk Policy

    • What is the coverage needed to cover your rehab, your contractors, and other liabilities in property redevelopment.

  • 10

    Contractors Insurance

    • Understanding general liabilities and workers compensation.

  • 11

    The Insurance Claim Process

    • Understanding the claim filing process, and when to file and when not to file.

  • 12

    Insight for Eve on Insurance Do's & Don'ts

    • Eve's recommended insurance claim process.

  • 13

    Key Take Aways

    • 6 things to focus on as you plan your coverage.