Course curriculum

  • 01

    In Introduction to the Real Estate Investor Life Cycle

    • The mindset of looking at your real estate business based on the stages an investor encounters over their lifetime

  • 02

    Starting with the End in Mind

    • The Dickens Theory

  • 03

    Understanding & Protecting Your Assets

    • Providing Continuity to Your Business: making the best entity choice to protect your personal assets

  • 04

    Setting Up Your Business

    • Understanding entities and the liability protection they offer

  • 05

    How will My Business Be Taxed?

    • Understanding my investing strategy as a business, and the tax implications as each

  • 06

    Maximizing Your Allowable Benefits

    • How to minimize liabilities to allocate more cash towards active investing

  • 07

    Building Your Retirement Savings

    • Understanding the three buckets of retirement savings: Fully Taxable, Tax Deferred, and Tax Free

  • 08

    When to Plan Exit Strategies

    • When and how to dissolve your your portfolio to limit tax liabilities and reach your intended party