Finding the Best and Most Profitable Deals

Inventory is tight, and the competition is fierce, laws are constantly changing and you get fearful of success. You need to learn how to get an edge and create a deal funnel! This course is focused on training you on how to get good at finding the best and most profitable deals.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to find all the best deals in your own zip code.
  • How to discount liens and 2nd mortgages on distressed properties
  • Learn how to build trust & rapport with distressed sellers.
  • How to master your own market
    Eliminate your fear of getting stuck with a property.
  • Make offers with low risk.
  • Build a list of local investors& How to create your own list of probates, absentee owners, vacant & distressed properties, that nobody else has.

What this course looks like:

  • Tony Youngs will teach you how to choose an area to master and how to plot a course of properties to go visit and determine the true market value, inspect, and analyze.
  • Tony will show you how to find the "Hidden Market".
  • He will teach you how to tell if there are any liens, back taxes, and whether it is in a good or bad area. 
  • You will understand where the best areas are.
  • There will be a segment on contract writing and the sellers' point of view.
  • You will learn the formulas of how much to offer and how to present it.
  • How to overcome any obstacle that holds you back.
  • Also, how to build a list of local investor buyers to buy the deals you find.

Tony Youngs, the Instructor, has been in the real estate investing business for 34 years. He found his niche in the distressed single-family industry and has mastered the art of going out in the market and finding unlisted properties. He is the author of the amazing "Hidden Market" System. Over time he has been involved in more than 1,000 successful real estate transactions, and he negotiates with approximately 480 distressed property owners and averages close to 1,000 property inspections per year. Tony does about 1,100 title searches per year by mastering the courthouse records room in all 50 states. He has trained over 9,000 students to become successful real estate investors.


Course curriculum

  • 01

    The Hidden Market and What It Can Do For You

    • Your Introduction to the Hidden Market

  • 02

    Looking at Hidden Markets From Around the Country

    • Seller Scenarios

  • 03

    Finding Hidden Gems In Your Own Backyard

    • Plotting the Course

  • 04

    Using Your Tools

    • Ownership Searches

    • Title Searches and a Hands-On Example

  • 05

    Making Your Offer

    • Writing Contracts

  • 06

    Building Your Buyers List Plus Q&A

    • Creating Your Buyers Lists and Questions from the Audience