In this course, Victor Jernigan, an investor specializing in planning development, explains the "Neighborhood Scoring" concept. Victor discusses what you have learned is not what you need to know, the truths of investing, how to start thinking like an investor by monetizing information.

Victor challenges:

  • Comps  (Determining Value & Max Allowable Offer)
  • Profits   (When & How do You Make a Profit)
  • Planning              (Business Plans & Goal Setting)
  • Team Building (People You Must Have)
  • The Big Why       (Passion & Motivation)

And rewrites the must have characteristics of investors:

  • Ability to Pay Attention
  • Strong Curiosity
  • Ability to Ask Strangers Questions & Desire to Listen to their answers.
  • Ability to Determine Your Risk Tolerance – (the amount of time you will sacrifice plus the capital you will risk)

But ultimately uses the “neighborhood scoring” method to identify data points to have a direct correlation to increasing property values AND NOT what houses sold for in the past.

Up Your Game with Neighborhood Scoring

Take the "Red Pill" of real estate investing!

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Are you open to receive the message?

    • An Introduction to Scoring Neighborhoods with Victor Jernigan

  • 02

    5 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Investor

    • Victor Jernigan Explains the 5 Characteristics of a Successful Investor

  • 03

    Comps: Determining Vale & Maximum Allowable Offer

    • Victor discusses Appraisal Theory & Why Comps are Dangerous

  • 04

    Profits: When & How Do You Make Profit as an Investor

    • What do I need to do get my offer accepted? What do I need to do to win a contract? Victor discusses things you may be overlooking.

  • 05

    The difference in being a real estate investor & investing in real estate

    • Victor discusses the monetization of information.

  • 06

    Determining Neighborhood Values

    • Victor walks you through the "Neighborhood Scoring" Sheet.

  • 07

    Developing a Business Plan to Succeed

    • Forecasting vs Planning as an investor, and how this will set and achieve your portfolio's trajectory

  • 08

    Why Building Your Team is the Wrong Mentality

    • Victor discusses the difference of building vs. buying your team

  • 09

    Why Passion and Motivation should be outweighed by FEAR

    • Fear should drive all investors to incremental change

  • 10

    Market Trends

    • Sources of information that investors should use and monetize upon

  • 11

    Scoring Properties Lab

    • Victor takes you through the Scoring worksheet and data points

  • 12

    Key Take Aways

    • A holistic approach to looking at your next real estate deal