The Blueprint for Your Real Estate Investing

Part of attracting money and motivated sellers is becoming an effective negotiator. You need to master the negotiation skills that will become your common thread for everything you do. Whether you are negotiating for private money with sellers, contractors, wanting to buy a new car, or negotiating bedtimes and curfews with your kids, you must know how to negotiate.

To negotiate with sellers, you need to know how to create profitable deals. This is paramount to your success. Learn 50+ ways to find killer real estate deals, and we will drill down to the seven best.

Once you have found the deals, you need to know the correct strategy to structure the best deal for your real estate portfolio.

Come away with a blueprint for your real estate investing.

What You'll Learn In this Course

  • Dynamic Deal Structuring strategies to profit from any deal. Learn beginner to advance money-making strategies.

  • Master the steps to finding "off Market" properties.

  • Attracting private money for your deals and getting paid upfront.

  • Negotiations - Why are you leaving so much money on the table? Learn what the top 10% of successful investors concentrate on the most. Know why "yes" is terrible and "no" is good.

  • Supercharge your marketing to find more motivated sellers with higher profit deals.

Master Marketing, Negotiations, & Deal Structuring

Take your real estate investing to the next level!

Course Curriculum

  • 01


    • Please Download Your Course Materials

    • An Introduction from Maria Giordano

  • 02

    Marketing Mastery

    • 7 Strategies to Find Motivated Sellers

  • 03

    Capturing the Attention of Your Target Audience

    • High Converting Letter

  • 04

    Ninja Negotiations

    • 3 Negotiation Strategies

    • Strategy 1: Starting with No

    • Strategy 2: Label the Emotion

    • Strategy 3: Win-Win Negotiations

  • 05

    Seller Financing

    • Seller Financing

  • 06

    Subject To Existing Mortgage

    • Subject To

  • 07

    Raising Money

    • Raising Money

  • 08

    Case Study

    • Gregg Station Case Study

Take the Course, Master the Skills!