Wisdom From the Who's Who of Real Estate

In this course, we interview the who's who of real estate investing with a keen focus on five decades of real estate cycles and experience as we examine where we are and the best plays for future portfolios. We will look at the past four decades of investing and the best practices for this new decade and new real estate cycle. 

Interviews include:

  • John Schaub (Buy & Hold/Seller Financing Investor)
  • Dyches Boddiford (Tax Planning & Asset Protection)
  • David Tilney (Master Leasing)
  • Bill Cook (Creative Finance)
  • Demetri Fefes (Colorado Investor/Creative Finance)
  • Jeff Watson (Retirement Acct Investing)
  • Lyle Wall (Colorado Investor/Retirement Acct Investing)
  • John Hyer (Tax Planning & Asset Protection)

In fact, if you don't know this list of "Who's-Who," we highly recommend googling them to see the power of this course.

Why take this course…

  • Some of the most creative real estate investors on the planet.
  • 1 on 1 Interview: ICOR's All-Star Educators interview their mentors.
  • 7 Interviews with investors who collectively have over 350 years of real estate experience.
  • Experience in all real estate strategies spanning 50 years of Real Estate Cycles.
  • Q&A with Experts.
  • Tap into a wealth of knowledge to apply to your business now.
  • Don't know what you don't know? Here is an opportunity to undo that.
  • Dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s for your business plan.

Course Curriculum

  • 01

    Chapter 1A: “Never Sell & Hold, Hold, Hold”

    • Demetri Fefes interviews John Schaub

  • 02

    Chapter 1B: How Buy & Hold Works Now and in Colorado

    • Demetri Fefes Discusses Key Take-Aways, Putting Theory to Work, and Q&A

  • 03

    Chapter 2A: An Ender Talks Assets, Entities, & How to Last

    • John Hyre interviews Dyches Boddiford

  • 04

    Chapter 2B: John Hyre's key take-aways and asset and tax planning for now

    • John Hyre's key take-aways and asset and tax planning for now

  • 05

    Chapter 3A: If Hindsight were 20/20, How to Begin Your Investing Career

    • Bill Cook Interviews Vena Jones-Cox

  • 06

    Chapter 3B: Understanding the Life Cycle of Investors- Beginners, Estate Builders, & Enders

    • Bill Cook discusses Key Take-Aways and how to plan based on where you are as an investor

  • 07

    Chapter 4A: Secrets to Retirement Account Investing

    • Jeff Watson interviews Lyle Wall

  • 08

    Chapter 4B: How can I get my retirement accounts working NOW?

    • Jeff Watson's Key Take-aways & Q&A

  • 09

    Chapter 5A: Master Leasing or How to Hold Without Buying

    • Lindsey Jensen interviews David Tilney

  • 10

    Chapter 5B: Putting Master Leasing into Practice with David Tilney

    • Q&A with David Tilney