Course curriculum

  • 01


    • An Introduction to Our Subject Matter Experts and the Private Family Banking System

  • 02

    Starting with the End in Mind

    • We’ll  build a profile for you of  the life of a typical real estate investor and lay the foundation of what a private family banking system looks like behind the scenes

  • 03

    A Beginners Journey

    • A classic early phase for a new real estate investor is wholesaling and working part or full time in their “day-job.”

  • 04

    Flip the Flow of Your Money

    • Moving past the Wholesaling phase and into full time or part-time rehabbing.

  • 05

    The End Game

    • In this phase, Stan and Jason will show you how private banking systems can help you increase your acquisitions, bottom line, and cash flow by simply changing the flow of your money.

  • 06

    Creative Retirement Strategies

    • Jonathan and Jason will be showing a few case studies of how people are utilizing this for debt recapturing, retirement, college savings, and so much more, even while using NOW for real estate investing!

  • 07

    Expert Roundtable: Rapid Fire Q&A

    • Q&A answered by a panel of experts: Stan Bullis, Jonathan Wield, Jason Powers, & Olivia McGraw