Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to Creative Financing within Your Retirement Account

    • It doesn't take a major cash to get started, and you or someone you know has a retirement account waiting to get deployed

  • 02

    Getting in the Mindset of Creative Financing within Your Retirement Accounts

    • The only limits to funding a deal is your own fear or lack of creativity, and you remove the fear by educating yourself.

    • Alfonso, a college age investor, got started with little money of his own. His story will make you rethink exactly what does it take to get started in real estate investing!

    • Chris Tanner continues with Tools to Help You Along the Way

  • 03

    Creative Financing Strategies for Small Dollar Real Estate Deals

    • Brad Weed discusses leveraging Hard Money Loans, and lending and barrowing from retirement accounts.

    • Duke Marquiss discuss Mobile Homes and Other Small Dollar Deals.

    • Chris Tanner discusses Wrap Loans , what they are and how to leverage them.

  • 04

    The Power of Self Directed IRA Accounts

    • Bill Humphrey discusses yours or other retirement account, and no matter the size, how to tap into and leverage them to help get you started.

  • 05

    Q&A Session with Creative Financing Power Panel

    • Putting Theory into Practice, Our Panel of Experts Take Questions and Discuss How to Make this Work for You.

  • 06

    Key Take Aways

    • Putting the theory to practice for you!